Inspirational Tool & Truth Cards

These laminated 9 x 4 inspirational cards are for easy-to-carry with you wherever you to! They are pivotal reminders in any given situation. They make great gift giveaways for small group members, family and friends. They are also great stocking stuffers!

The 6 P’s

This inspirational tool card gives you an easy step-by-step quiet time method to deepen your relationship with the Lord. As you put these 6 P’s into practice on a regular basis, you will learn more about yourself and you will learn and experience who God is. It’s a tremendous tool you won’t want to live without.


True Identity

This inspirational truth card enables you to embrace your identity in Christ. By knowing and believing what God says about you – that He defines you – is foundational for your faith and an important part of living the abundant life. You can face the incredible demands of work and life with confidence and move purposefully in faith because you know exactly who you are and that you matter to God.


Live Abundantly

This inspirational truth card shares 5 key essentials to living a life that is truly alive in Christ. By knowing and understanding the work God is doing in you – that He lives you – takes the pressure off of you to rely upon yourself in order to trust the source of life. These reminders enable you to live a life that will be more productive, adventurous and meaningful.


True Greatness

This inspirational truth card enables you to walk in greatness by maximizing your massive potential. As illustrated by the life of Jonah, God also has a plan and a purpose for you – that He empowers you – by cultivating 3 areas in your life, which will allow you to soar! These reminders are critical for conquering the fears and the pridefulness that hold you back from your best self and service.


Collection of 4

This is a package of all 4 inspirational cards. Each pack comes with 3 of each card, for a total of 12 cards.