Individual & Group Mentoring


Often times the circumstances you find yourself in will not change unless you do

Full Supply offers individual mentoring that focuses on the valuable person you are and what you have to offer.  Rather than remain feeling empty, stuck or take matters into your own hands, make the decision to walk on an adventurous journey that will guide and direct you to live the extraordinary life God has planned for you.

What individual & group mentoring can do for you

Mentoring is a responsibility and a commitment that requires valuable time and focused attention to assure that you are progressing forward. It’s an opportunity to receive guidance and wisdom by someone who will look at your life and purpose through prayer and fresh eyes.

Our mentoring process will help you find meaning in your life so that you can move forward in a new direction with passion, purpose, and the required practical skills.


When you take advantage of Full Supply’s One-on-One or Group Mentoring Program, you will experience:

  • Guidance: Be guided through a process and things will change for you in your own unique way. Your mentor will get to know you personally, pray for you and speak directly into your life.
  • Equipping: Gain the skills and the mindset needed to create a life that reflects God’s original intent for your life.
  • Fresh Perspective: Understand who you are in God’s eyes, know Christ more personally and see things as they really are
  • Connection: Renew your connection with God, yourself and others. You will the courage and the faith to move forward with confidence and assurance.
  • Ask Hard Questions: Challenged to think through difficult questions and you will get nudged if you’re stuck.
  • Improve Performance & Work Satisfaction: Supports individual accountability, fosters a more connected workplace and provides a private, personal and more focused growth experience through a one-on-one relationship.

How It Works

Full Supply walks a woman through her personal journey by taking her through a three-phase process.

Phase 1: Journey with Jesus – Know Jesus & You (4 Months)

-Meet weekly / 1.5 hours

To know Jesus Christ more personally is the most critical and rewarding relationship we will ever have in our lives. Building a solid, core foundation grounded in Christ and in God’s Word, women will mature spiritually, discover more about themselves and God and develop practical skills to equip them for life.

  • Focuses on laying a firm foundation in the Word of God, knowing yourself and Christ more personally and developing practical skills to prepare women for life.

This Phase provides long-term, life-changing results, such as:

  • Deepening a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Establishing priorities for everyday life
  • Developing practical skills for spiritual growth and maturity
  • Discovering who they are and finding security in their identity in Christ

Phase 2: Journey of Faith – Equip You for Life (4 Months)

-Meet biweekly / 1.5 hours

We provide a place where women can go to get answers to life’s tough questions. Here we will be challenged in a safe environment where we can be sharpened in love, honesty and accountability. By developing a strong faith and growing in character, women will overcome obstacles, apply what they learn, and impact others around them.

  • Focuses on life application, character development and everyday struggles to put their faith in action.
  • This phase builds on the first phase. The mentees continue using methods taught in the first phase that flow into the second phase.
  • Here, women know Christ and God’s Word at a deeper level, study the scriptures and apply God’s Word to their lives, discuss life/business issues and share their faith with others.

This phase provides long-term, life-changing results, such as:

  • A closer relationship with God
  • Learning to apply the Scriptures and walk by faith
  • Sharing their faith with others
  • Growing in camaraderie with others through community
  • Growing in character
  • Discovering their God-given passion

Phase 3: Journey of Purpose – Bring Out the Leader in You (4 Months)

-Meet monthly / 1.5 hours / additional workshops and training sessions (group)

Full Supply desires to bring out the leader in each woman as we invest in her growth and maturity through hands-on-training in preparation for God’s ordained purpose and plan designed specifically for her. By this time, God’s vision has emerged within them and a strategic plan is developed for implementation. In this final phase, women will also understand their God-given gifts, talents and leadership style to equip them for their passion of service.

  • Focuses on leadership preparation, talents and gifting, discovering ministry passion and mentoring others to multiply leaders who impact the world for Christ.
  • The first two phases naturally flow into the final phase. The process organically leads the Mentee to discover their God-given purpose.
  • Additional workshops and training sessions are included.

This phase provides long-term, life-changing results, such as:

  • Living a Christ-centered life
  • Implementing their God-given vision with clarity and focus
  • Bearing fruit for the kingdom
  • Leading others to Christ, mentoring others and serving the community
  • Building camaraderie and character through community


Why join one-on-one or group mentoring?

One-on-One:  This offers a more personal, intimate setting.  With individual attention, your time and energy will be a focused interaction between you and your mentor.

Group:  This offers a community of approximately 4-6 women going through something similar to your situation. With various backgrounds and experiences, you will benefit from the diverse perspectives that emerge from group interaction and feedback given by the mentor.

How often do we meet?

Each phase meets for 1.5 hours for four months in duration

  • Phase 1: Weekly.
  • Phase 2: Biwekly.
  • Phase 3: Monthly, in addition to workshops and training sessions.
What’s expected of me?

We ask that the mentee commit to four months at a time, arriving on time and attend prepared. Each candidate is required to sign a Commitment and Confidentiality Agreement and undergo an application process. Depending upon the Journey Phase, mentoring is scheduled on a regular basis for 1.5 hours. Any assignments will take approximately 1-3 hours.

What’s the end result?
  • Biblically grounded in your faith
    • This will provide you with the basic tools to equip you for life
  • Establish a relationship with God and his Word
    • This provides a firm foundation of trust to live by faith
  • Discover your God-given passion and purpose
    • This brings out the leader and the passion that has always been within you.
  • Mentor & equip others
    • You will be equipped and trained to mentor others and take them to the next level.
  • Impact your local community
    • You will utilize your gifts by donating your time and talent toward Full Supply and/or other organizations.
What will I learn?
  • You will learn about yourself,
    • Who you are, how you are wired, what you are created for and how you can make a difference
    • You will learn about Christ, the gospel message and how it effects your life today
  • You will learn to put your faith in action
    • You will confidently share Christ with others
    • You will help other women grow in their spiritual walk of faith
    • You will grow in character
  • You will discover God’s ordained purpose and plan specifically designed for you
    • You will uncover your God-given passion that gets you out of bed everyday
    • You will have clarity of mission and new direction for your life
    • You will make a difference in the lives of other women
    • You will have the courage to step-out into the unknown by faith
Can I afford this?

Yes. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, which relies on the generous donations of others to fulfill our mission. It costs $3,300 to go through the one-year mentoring program. We have donors who give to this ministry because they believe in what we do and they believe in you, the mentee. However, funds are limited. Therefore, we ask that you prayerfully consider one or more options. 1. A suggested donation minimum of $50 per/month is requested in order for you to have a personal financial investment in your own growth and development. 2. Donate more that the minimum request if feasible. 3. Donate the full amount over time. 4. Find a donor to sponsor you for all or a portion of the cost. Upon completion, you also have the opportunity to “pass it forward” by continuing your donation to help another woman go through the program.

Is this really going to work?

Yes, it really can work. It takes time, dedication and effort from each party to do their part. There is so much the mentor can do to guide and direct you, but your active participation is essential to the life-changing process along your unique journey.

It’s been an incredible journey to have someone take the time to pour into my life, ask tough questions and hold me accountable to focus on what really important


Full Supply is really a tangible expression of God’s love for women and is an example of being a servant to share Christ with others.


Full Supply is really a tangible expression of God’s love for women and is an example of being a servant to share Christ with others.


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