Mentor Training

mentorTrainingWhat may hinder women from mentoring others is the mindset that they are insecure, too busy or they lack training:

Even the most successful women struggle with areas of insecurity. For some it is a feeling of inadequacy.” For others, it’s an occasional “nagging doubt” resulting in a missed opportunity.  If insecurity is not a hindering factor, perhaps you believe that you have little time and/or no training to make a mentoring commitment. Let’s face it, in today’s society women function at a high rpm. A variety of things occupy our time each day. How do you decide what to add or eliminate from the already-long list?   It’s highly likely you have biblical insight and life and/or business experience to advise another woman, but what is lack is the training or a structured plan needed to take the mentee from point A to point B.

Our effective Mentor Training Program provides fundamental concepts, mentorship responsibilities and leadership practices to equip you to mentor others.

We are committed to provide practical and impactful training, resources and tools through our 2-day Mentor Training Program. Upon completion, the mentor will utilize our Three-Phase Mentoring Journey model that is easily taught and facilitated to shape future leaders. To enhance the mentor’s leadership skills throughout the mentoring process, additional training sessions will be provided. An optional Roundtable of Faith that consists of a core group of 8-12 participants is another essential method to further sharpen and equip our mentors.


When you take advantage of Full Supply’s Mentoring Training, you will benefit by learning the following:

Part I – Mentoring Matters

  • What is Mentoring?
  • The Elements of Mentoring
  • Mentoring Practices
  • How To Start
  • Put It Into Practice
Part II – Leading by Serving

  • What is Servant Leadership?
  • Character & Influence
  • Distinguishing Principles
  • Beware of Danger Zones
  • Put it Into Practice

How It Works

We provide a 2-Day Mentoring Program, as well as other training opportunities to help keep you engaged, focused and equipped.

  • A 2-Day Mentor Training Program that lays a core foundation and provides the resources and tools to equip you.
  • Additional training/workshops that provide further training essentials to sharpen your mentorship skills and leadership development will be announced.
  • Roundtable of Faith (ROF) is an optional monthly meeting where women sharpen women in a group setting.



What is the time requirement to Mentor someonet?

You will spend a total of 150 hours with your mentee in the course of 12 months.  Here is the time schedule:

  • In Phase 1, you will spend 6 hours a month with your mentee (1.5 hours per weekly session for a 4-month duration).
  • In Phase 2, you will spend 3 hours a month with your mentee (1.5 hours per bi-weekly session for a 4-month duration).
  • In Phase 3, you will spend 1.5 hours a month with your mentee (4 month duration).  Upon completion, the mentee has the option to attend the next 2-Day Mentor Training.
What is required of me?

We ask that you submit an application and undergo an interview process.  We are looking for Christian women who are established in their faith and meet the qualifications required to join our mentoring team.  It is required that the candidate either goess through the mentoring program or if qualified, participates in the 2-Day Mentor Training.

Am I qualified to mentor others?

Please fill out and submit the Mentor application and let’s talk.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

It’s not apparent how challenging and rewarding mentoring is until you are the one doing the mentoring.


Having a mentor has been life-changing for me. As a result, I captured the vision to do the same or others. Now I am mentoring a young woman who is growing in her faith. There’s something about inspiring others to help them reach their God-given potential.



If at anytime you feel unsatisfied with our services, let us know. We will do everything we can to make things right for you.

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