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Connie Menser, Executive Director


OMM #5 2020 – Getting Together

John Wesley once said, “There’s nothing more unchristian than a solitary Christian.” As we remain in our homes or at a social distance, it is necessary for us to be encouraged as well as motivate our brothers and sisters in Christ to keep loving and serving others.

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OMM #4 2020 – Coronavirus & Faith

The Coronavirus has disrupted our lives in ways we never expected. In the midst of uncertainty, fear, insecurity and doubt heighten. How can we live by faith instead of fear? How can we bear not knowing how God will provide? Jesus is a prime example who shows us what it looks like to live by faith as His disciples.

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OMM #3 2020 – Look Up

I like this quote by St. Catherine of Siena. She says, “Nothing great was ever done without much enduring.” If we are to go the distance and to cross the finish line in the race God has set before us, we need endurance. In today’s message you’ll find the key to run with endurance.

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OMM #2 2020 – Look In

We all have our own unique race to run that God has set before us. You must run it in order to reach the finish line, but there are two roadblocks can take you off track. Let’s look at these obstacles, gain an advantage and win the race.

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