Connie Menser is an inspirational Christian speaker who will take the audience on a memorable journey that connects them to God, challenges thinking and changes lives through her high-impact presentation.

What prevents most people from hiring expensive speakers is lack of resources.

Connie is a reputable international and Atlanta Georgia based speaker who captivates the audience to step into God’s word, discover truth and apply life-changing principles to achieve excellence in their work and life. If you are planning a conference at your local church, women’s retreat or an event, Connie has messages for you to choose from or she will develop a message specifically designed for your audience needs. As for cost, Full Supply offers several options that meet most budget levels.

When you hire Connie to speak at your next event you will get this:

  • An experienced and inspirational speaker with a practical methodology
  • A resilient expert who connects the bible with today’s challenges
  • Move the audience into action because they understand what shapes them
  • Provide practical tools and application for today’s life issues
  • Ignite people to grow and achieve success in work and life


  • A Moral Emergency
  • Beyond Measure: Developing Vision for Your Life
  • Uniquely Wired: Utilizing Your God-Given Gifts & Talents
  • Clarifying Your Values: Principles for Life

Connie Menser has a simple approach to teaching the Word of God. Her speaking brings insight and allows the listener to apply God’s word and the truths her message brings. I have appreciated Connie’s teachings over the years, and always look forward to hearing her.

Dawn Duffie

How It Works

To check Connie’s availability or to begin planning your event with her, please call or email us today. (Make sure there is a link for “Contact Us” and to “Email Us”).

Speaker Fee Options:

  1. Ticket Sales
  2. Love Offering
  3. Honorarium


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