Welcombigstock_Compass_Illustrations_6691650e to Full Supply, an organization that equips women to lead others in Christ through speaking events, one-on-one and group mentoring and leadership roundtables.

Full Supply’s ministry calling results from Paul’s sending Timothy to “Encourage, Strengthen and Supply what is lacking in the faith” of the Christians so no one would be unsettled by questions or trials they were facing. This produced an unswerving faith that led to a greater world impact.


We envision the day when Christian Mentors are easily accessible for every woman who wants one world-wide.


Our mission is to supply women with the confidence to mentor others for Christ and the courage to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives through mentoring, resources and sound biblical teaching. Our expertise serves to equip women with the heart, mind and skills needed to grow spiritually and to become servant leaders.


Mentoring – Mentoring is really about developing authentic relationships that expand possibilities

Modeling – We practice, model and teach women to live Christ-centered lives

Multiplying – Multiplying is the best method to make a greater impact in this world