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Global Missions

Full Supply has been blessed with expanded outreach to countries to meet their ministry needs and leadership advancement.

When you give to a designated project, such as Russia, India, or Kenya, or you personally minister to women who face legal, economical, and social constraints. Your generous gift helps us supply resources and create opportunities for women in Europe, Africa, and Asia to forge a better life for themselves with purpose and hope.

We promise to use the designated funds for the region of your choice.


In Russia, women are seeking to know God’s purpose for their lives and seek biblical advice to advance in their careers.

  • Dates: April 30 – May 10, 2021 and 
    September 23 – October 3, 2021
  • Funds Needed: 14,400 ($7,200 per trip)



In Kenya women desire to be valued, long to make a contribution to society and seek ways to become self-sufficient.

  • Date: August 2021
  • Funds needed: $5,800 ($1,500 raised)


In INDIA, women are seeking to know God’s purpose for their lives and seek biblical advice to advance in their careers.

  • Date: TBA
  • Funds needed: $7,600

How It Works

A donation should be one that ignites a burden or a passion within you. Women in areas overseas need your help to send us to their countries to give them the confidence to live for Christ and the courage to fulfill their God-given purpose.

  • $25 helps bring in resources, such as bibles, books, training materials

  • $50 provides one-on-one mentoring session for 3-5 women

  • $100 provides advanced training session for 8-12 key leaders

  • $250 provides a group mentoring session for 6-10 women

  • $500 helps pay two interpreters for 8-10 day conferences

  • $1000 secures the facility, food and resources for 200+ people for a 3-4 day conference to meet physical and spiritual needs; specifically, train 5-10 national leaders.

  • $3000 sends a training team of 2, supplies resources/materials, facility and food, mentoring workshops, and a 5-10 day conference for 300+ people; specifically, train 10-15 national leaders.

We need you to be directly involved in overseas missions, largely by sending us to go to different parts of the world. With your financial partnership, we carry with us the message of hope to the ends of the earth so that others might know the love of God. It also gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of those less fortunate than you or me.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will my donation be spent?2020-05-11T14:10:14-05:00

At Full Supply, we are committed to use the funds graciously given to us to transform the lives of everyone we come in contact with overseas through one-on-one training, small group mentoring, conferences and resources.

How often does Full Supply travel to other countries?2020-05-11T14:10:43-05:00

We strive to travel to each country on an annual basis for consistency and accountability. This is not always possible since funds are not fully raised to support these mission opportunities.

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