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Connie has spoken on topics of leadership, vision, spiritual gifting and mentorship in the U.S. and overseas. By sharing God’s word and her own experiences, Connie provides the inspiration and motivation your audience needs to deepen their walk with Christ and become unstoppable change agents to the world around them.

Connie’s 45-minute keynotes are designed to equip Christian women to mentor others by leading confidently and living courageously in fulfilment of their God-given calling.

Created for Greatness

What are the dreams
God has given you?

Created for Greatness

What lies or doubts are holding you back? Do you believe you were made to soar? Perhaps you are trying to figure out your life’s purpose or you are stuck in the “comfort zone.”  Connie teaches biblical principles from the story of Jonah that moves people to the greatness that comes in pursuing God-inspired dreams.


Did you know that every believer is given at least one spiritual gift?

Find Your Niche for God’s Glory

Unfortunately, many Christians do not know the nature or purpose of their God-given gifts.  Learn how God uniquely wired you and discover your spiritual niche to serve the Lord and strengthen the body of Christ for God’s glory. 

Moral Emergency

How do you resolve the inner conflict to do what’s right versus what’s popular?

Moral Emergency

Connie teaches 5 leadership practices based on Pontius Pilate’s face-to-face encounter with Jesus that helps women make good decisions and maximize their leadership influence for the greater good.

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