Encourage, strengthen, and supply what is lacking in your Faith.   1 THES 3:2.10











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Train 60 Mentor Leaders

Hire a Part-time Administrative Assistant

Global Missions to Russia (2 trips), Kenya & India


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When someone took the time to invest in me and my spiritual growth, I decided I wanted to do the same for others. I realized that no one is meant to walk through their life journey alone. My walk with Christ has taken me to greater heights than I ever imagined.  That’s why mentoring means so much to me and to those we mentor.  It’s a personal investment, but the life transformation is astounding!  Come and experience it for yourself.

Connie J Menser
Executive Director

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Full Supply walks a woman through her personal journey by taking her through a three-phase process:

Individual & Group Mentoring

Mentor Training




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annA mentoring relationship has provided me accountability and encouragement. I have an actual assignment to complete and my group mates are counting on me to be prepared and ready to share my heart about Christ. I appreciate Connie’s gentle, yet firm leadership and unwavering faith in Christ. She encourages us to practice our memory verses, asks challenging questions and requests us to be honest about what we are learning and struggling to understand. I am thankful for how our mentoring group has helped me truly recognize my daily need of Christ.

– Ann Blue


ashleyThe mentoring group has been great for me. I have learned how to appreciate and prioritize my quiet times as well as learning to be held accountable. Attending a group each week helps me to have the lesson done. As a result, I have grown closer to Christ with each lesson, not only by reading the word and through prayer, but also by applying what I learn. It is such a wonderful thing when a specific verse sorts out exactly what I am struggling with in answer to my questions or concerns. It gives me a sense of peace and a reassurance that God does answer me. This group has given me other women to fellowship with, open up to and dive into God¹s word. If I am struggling spiritually or do not understand a verse, I know I can ask these women to lead me to the truth. I really enjoy my time with the group and I hope we continue for years to come!

– Ashley

melanieServing Full Supply as a Board Member for over four years has given me many opportunities to see God in action. I¹ve been witness to numerous women working through the discipleship training program under Connie¹s leadership, instruction, and modeling. These ladies have then ventured out into their own communities to minister to people in those circles of influence. I¹ve also been privileged to invest time and energy into supporting overseas mission trips to Venezuela, Russia, and Kenya, where Connie has extended the Gospel message to those struggling with poverty and a lack of Biblical teaching. In addition, I have been blessed to help plan and facilitate the organization¹s first annual fundraiser, Celebrating Our Journey, during which the program¹s graduates were honored for their commitment to the Lord. Overall, being part of Full Supply has enriched my life and appreciation for the accessibility of God¹s word and His love for me. I hope that my work with Full Supply will ensure that other women have the same chance to grow in His teachings, compassion, and perseverance in ways that nurture their faith and trust in Him, so that they will be better equipped to pass on those powerful tools to others.

– Melanie Blievernicht, BOD, Treasurer